Strategic planning, energy policy development and regulatory affairs.

The E Cubed Company, LLC 
Providers of Strategic Services at the Exponential Interface of Energy, Economics and Environment
The E Cubed Company, LLC has been providing strategic planning, energy policy development and regulatory affairs assistance to manufacturers, engineering firms, utilities, commercial and industrial end-users, energy service companies and many other organizations since 1989. Energy policy development and regulatory affairs have been major areas of focus with the result that E Cubed has had significant influence in the development of the energy policies of states throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the country. At the same time and because of these efforts E Cubed has assisted firms throughout these states with strategic planning activities in order to best take advantage of the resulting energy policies. As a result of "having the ear" of state utility regulators and legislators, E Cubed has exceptional capabilities in influencing state energy policies throughout these regions.