For over 25 years The E Cubed Company, LLC, its principals and associates have provided strategic business development assistance involving emergent technology to: energy project developers and operators, including distributed energy resources (DER) combined heat and power (CHP) and microgrids; engineering companies; energy service companies; utilities; manufacturers; demand response providers; end-users and others, including a National Laboratory. We have worked extensively with these organizations on strategic business plan development, regulatory affairs, legislative affairs and energy policy development. In addition, the firm offers selected project management services.

We have represented our clients throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states before public service commissions, legislatures, independent system operators (ISO's) and at FERC. We have participated in, and at times lead, the development and implementation of the following types of programs, energy efficiency, demand response, distributed generation and smart grid at the state and regional level. Founder and company President, Ruben S. Brown, served as one of 18 members of the selection committee for the Independent Board of Directors for the New York Independent System Operator, has served on the Advisory Committee of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and has testified before FERC on numerous issues, among them the restructuring of wholesale electric markets. He currently (2014) serves on the Board of Directors of the Northeast Clean Heat and Power Initiative (NECHPI) and co-chairs its Policy and Regulatory Committee. In 2012 he was recognized by NECHPI and the USDOC Clean Energy Applications Center (CEAC) as "CHP Champion of the Northeast".  In 2005 the Association of Energy Engineers recognized him as Energy Services Professional of the Year for Metropolitan New York City.

During the past decade E Cubed has assisted the growing Micro-Combined Heat and Power industry (Micro-CHP) in the development of business plans and in obtaining favorable treatment for these systems before regulatory and legislative bodies in eight states. Specifically, E Cubed has worked with legislatures throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states to allow the net metering of Micro-CHP systems, as well as, changing interconnection requirements to ease the adoption of these energy saving systems. E Cubed has negotiated measures to facilitate the interconnection of distributed generation and energy storage in various situations, including promoting measures to stimulate utilities to spend up distribution system upgrades to facilitate DG interconnection and/or to promote the monetization of the benefits that DG can provide so that the distribution facility upgrade costs can be minimized. 

E Cubed has also worked to ensure these systems are eligible for market opportunities and incentive programs offered at both the state and federal levels. The firm represented the US CHP Association in 2012 FERC proceedings refining interconnection procedures for Small Generator Interconnections (under 20 Megawatts) needed to benefit the rapid spread of solar and other DER installations.

E Cubed has offered award winning project management/oversight services. In 2008 a USEPA Energy Star Award award was presented to a 1 megawatt CHP plant in Brooklyn that provides electric and thermal energy to a mixed use development. 

Over the past decade has assisted clients in developing markets allow end-users to modify their demand to relieve reliability constraints when peak grid and network loads are occurring.